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Core Value # 1 : Build Authentic Relationships

Developing the core values of an organization takes quite a bit of time and thought.  The core values of any organization or company are your guiding light.  Who will we hire, what will our stakeholders think of us, where will we go and what culture are we building in the process are the questions your core values should answer.The Ohio Chamber of Commerce Research Foundation has 10 core values.  These are internal values that we use to guide the direction of board members, staff, projects and programs.Core Value # 1 : Build Authentic Relationships.  We will share our point of view, be open and willing to engage.  We are transparent about what we do and why we are doing it.  We will connect with others by sharing our personal story and listening to others share their personal stories.  We will be true to our diverse personalities.Right after college, I went to work for the US Department of the Treasury.  I was eager, hungry and ready to work hard.  However, after one year…I was burnt out and at the same time bored.  Even though the staff represented a diverse group of people, we weren’t supposed to show our personality to the public.  This depressed every fiber in my body.  I knew that I needed to work somewhere that would embrace my personality and allow me to share my opinions, stories and way of thinking; so far…so good.It’s important to be on the right bus, moving in the right direction.

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