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Ohio BOLD (study released)

COLUMBUS, Ohio (July 18, 2018) — The Ohio Chamber of Commerce Research Foundation, Inc. today released Ohio Bold: A Blueprint for Accelerating the Innovation Economy. Based on research completed with TEConomy Partners LLC, the Ohio Chamber of Commerce Research Foundation, which serves to provide nonpartisan research to public policymakers, recommends a statewide organizational approach to accelerate the innovation economy in Ohio around four innovation opportunity platforms: Next Gen Manufacturing, Future Health, Smart Infrastructure and Data Analytics. These platforms would be represented by four statewide Innovation Hubs focused on addressing the needs of the innovation ecosystem. Each hub will support a single platform with statewide impact, bringing together industry, research institutions and the public sector through intentional partnerships to advance product development, process improvements and the commercialization of new technologies.

While the creation of four statewide Innovation Hubs is the anchor recommendation, it is not the only strategy outlined in the report. The report also recommends expansion of several tax credits and other incentive programs, a new Serial Entrepreneur Attraction Program, creation of new venture capital investments funds, seeking voter renewal of Ohio’s Research and Development Bond fund, incentives to retain Ohio graduates with skill sets related to the four Innovation Hub topics, and a new Ohio Alumni Outreach Program to attract senior and mid-level professionals back to the state.

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