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Ohio Chamber of Commerce Research Foundation Announces New Economic Dashboard

July, 6, 2021

Today, the Ohio Chamber of Commerce Research Foundation has announced the release of their latest tool, called the Ohio Economic Dashboard. This data visualization tool will help policymakers, business leaders, and the public understand the strength of Ohio’s economy by serving as a one-stop shop for key indicators of the state’s economic health. By tracking metrics highlighting the labor market, business creation and activity, open job opportunities, and more, the Ohio Economic Dashboard will be continually updated with the latest data to provide a snapshot of current conditions, as well as provide opportunities to compare current information to historical trends.

“We identified key indicators that may help policymakers and business leaders in Ohio gain a better understanding of how Ohio’s economy is performing. Through the Ohio Economic Dashboard, we set out to create a tool that would gather critical data from a range of sources that can be viewed and analyzed in one convenient location,” stated Brian K. Hicks, President of the Ohio Chamber of Commerce Research Foundation Board of Directors. “We believe the Ohio Economic Dashboard can be an invaluable asset to leaders in both the public and private sectors when examining the economic health of Ohio and continuing to track our economic recovery from the pandemic.”

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